GeoServ is a leading Irish and international consultancy that specialises in providing high quality tailored services to the geothermal sector. GeoServ has over 40 years combined experience of all aspects of ground source and deep geothermal projects. GeoServ has a wide network of Irish and international delivering services to wide client base that ranges from small private sector clients to large international companies, as well as government agencies, local authorities and public sector bodies.

Ric  Pasquali  –  is  a  Professional  Geologist with  over  16  year  experience  in  geothermal  consultancy.  Ric managed  the  IGTP  project  and  the  Geological  Survey  Shallow  Geothermal  Energy  project  that  developed collector  suitability  maps  and  a  home  owner  manual  for  geothermal  system  installations  in  Ireland.    Ric  is actively  involved  in  developing  new  ground  source  collectors  and  facilitating  reduced  capital  investment  costs  of  ground  source  systems  across  Europe.  Ric  is  the  chairperson  of  the  Geothermal  Association  of  Ireland,  Member  of  the  IGI  and  a  member  of  the  European  Geothermal  Energy  Council.

James  McAteer  –  is  a  graduate  in  Geology  and  Archaeology  from  UCD.  He  specialises  in  geothermal  energy  research  into  ground  source  heating  technologies  as  well  as  temperature  measurement  and  data  acquisition  techniques.  James  has  worked  on  projects  conducting  field  and  laboratory  thermal  properties  tests  on  Irish  rock  types  and  soils  using  testing  methods  and  equipment,  including  divided  bar  tests,  needle  probe  tests  and  thermal  response  tests.

Stephen  Murray  –  is  a  graduate  in  Geology  and  holds  an  MSc  in  Renewable  Energy  from  UCD.  Stephen  has  7  years  working  experience  in  geothermal  and  in  renewable  energy  technologies  and  has  been  working  in  close  collaboration  with  students  from  the  IRETHERM  programme  on  thermal  properties  testing  of  Irish  rock  types.

Stephen  also  has  extensive  experience  in  projects  conducting  field  and  laboratory  thermal  properties  tests  on  Irish  rock  types  and  soils  using  testing  methods.


The Glenergy team brings years of sales and engineering expertise to its customers and provides a  comprehensive suite of energy efficient products and services. Glenergy combines the expertise of 4 well established Irish businesses in the energy sector. The combination of these entities brings together the most comprehensive suite of energy products and skills in Ireland under one roof. Glenergy’s aim is to provide the best energy solution for our clients at the best price whilst also taking into account our long term sustainability and greater social obligations.

Jonathan  Leonard   has  20  years  experience  supplying  and  installing  low  energy  heat  pump systems  in  Ireland.    He  has  successfully  introduced  a  number  of  innovative  heating  products  to  the  Irish market  including  Hot  Water  Heat  Pumps  and  the  AirGO  DX  heat  pump

Simon  Whelan  is  a  Chartered  Energy  Manager  specialising  in  renewable  energy  installation  in  domestic  situations.    A  qualified  BER  assessor,  he  has  conducted  research  on  alleviating  fuel  poverty  in  Ireland  using  renewables.    Simon  produces  thorough  Cost/Benefit  analysis  reports  on  all  energy  options  available  on  new  build  &  retrofit  projects  allowing  the  developer  to  make  an  informed  choice  on  which  technology  is  right  for  the  building.


Wall’s Well Drilling is now a second generation family drilling business operating nationwide. Walls Well Drilling have over 40 years experience the drilling industry in Ireland.

Nicholas  Wall    BSc.  NCEA  Dip  Eng.  AMIEI.  Nicholas  is  the  Drilling  Representative  for  the  Geothermal  Association  and  has  over  20  years  experience  in  drilling  and  completion  of  water  well,  monitoring  an  geothermal  boreholes.    Nicholas  specialises  in  high end  services  tailored  to  all  geothermal  systems  and  completed  to  industry  standard.

CBS LTD Building Contractors

CBS ltd is the an established constrution contractor operating in the Irish Market. It is on their site in Druids Glen that the system is installed.